Our design team create new schematic drawings for stand alone control panels and control systems

 Integrate additional controls into existing control panels

Or make alterations & recreate existing drawings 


All using the latest ePlan software 


PLC Programming

Design and programming for fully automated control systems from the industry leading manufacturers' most advanced hardware & software

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.





Touch screen interface panels for all applications from trace heating temperature display with auto-text alarm function to train discharge conveyor systems

No matter how complex the system is, we programme our HMI to be simplistic and operator friendly for fast & effecive use. 


Panel Building

In 2017 we relocated our business to cater for our ever expanding panel building services

Our brand new facilities allow us to pre-fabricate large scale motor control centres which can be stand alone or within portable containers that can be shiped anywhere in the world


Control system installation

& Commissioning

Installation of your new control system will be carried out to the highest standard. followed up by our commissioning team who will ensure a smooth transition handing over to your operating staff